Bidets are quite rare--if not non-existent--in the public toilet or restroom setting. 

Quezon City 5th district Rep. PM Vargas' House Bill (HB) No.8959 seeks to change that, with the health and well-being of Filipinos being his main concern. 

“Quality restrooms with bidets are more than just basic amenity; they are a symbol of society’s progress and commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens," read the bill, which is known as the proposed "Bidet in Every Public Toilet Act". 

Incidentally, Sunday, Nov. 19 is "World Toilet Day".

The measure aims to promote Filipinos’ right to clean water and sanitation. 

It mandates all commercial establishments and public buildings in the country to install bidets in its restrooms.

Vargas believes that the installation of bidets provides benefits including reduced toilet paper cost, lesser environmental issues, and overall increased customer satisfaction, particularly for business establishments in areas with high foot traffic. 

“We can only accelerate change if we make drastic changes in the current system. Putting comfort in comfort rooms is a public service Filipinos deserve as culturally, we use water and soap instead of tissue paper in restrooms and providing adequate sanitation is a significant stride towards cleaner, healthier, and dignified citizenry,” said Vargas. 

When passed into law, HB No.8959 will complement Republic Act (RA) No.11311, which directed all land and roll-on/off transport terminals and stations to establish sanitary facilities.  



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