PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan (PNA) – This province was the latest jurisdiction in the country to declare Filipino “drag queen” Pura Luka Vega persona non grata (unwanted person).

Vega’s claim to infamy came as a result of a stage performance in which he rapped the "Ama Namin" (Lord's Prayer) and impersonated the Black Nazarene, which many devout Catholics found disturbing.

The declaration, outlined in the resolution submitted by Board Member Winston Arzaga and co-authored by all members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, was unanimously approved on its first and final reading Tuesday morning, August 29.

Arzaga said the drag queen's July performance turned a sacred Christian prayer into a disgraceful mockery, completely ignoring the religious sensitivities, beliefs, and faith held by the extensive Catholic and Christian community in Palawan.

“What she did was like a sacrilege. She turned a sacred prayer into a form of entertainment. Prayer should be conducted within the confines of a church," Arzaga said.

"If she (Vega) had done it in a temple, it might have been more acceptable, but she chose to do it in a bar. That's why it became highly deplorable – because she transformed a prayer that should be revered within the walls of a church into a parody," he added.

Arzaga described what Vega did as deeply offensive, as he converted a prayer meant to be honored within the sanctity of a church into a mockery.

The province of Palawan has recently wrapped up its year-long commemoration of 400 years of Christianity. This significant event underscores the unwavering commitment of Palaweños to their Christian beliefs.

Arzaga asserted that the offensive behavior exhibited by the drag queen stands in direct opposition to the fundamental principles of showing respect and remaining devoted to the teachings of the Church.

Vega supposedly does not identify with any gender label, calling himself "non-binary" or "gender apathetic," and prefers the pronouns "they/them."

The drag queen has been declared persona non grata in 14 provinces and the capital city of Manila.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2023/8/29/palawan-declares-pura-luka-vega-persona-non-grata)