To reduce the town's carbon footprint, the municipality of Cainta, Rizal is offering horse-drawn hearse services to its indigent residents to lead the funeral cortege for their departed loved ones. Instead of the usual motorized funeral cars, the hearse will be a horse-drawn carriage, according to the office of Cainta Municipal Administrator Johnielle Keith Nieto. The service is being offered free to residents of the country’s richest municipality. The carriage also has four-wheels, a metallic silver finish, and glass see-through windows. ![Cainta Horse Drawn Hearse 2.png]( ###### (Photo from Johnielle Keith Nieto's Facebook page)
In private funeral parlors, a horse-drawn carriage is part of a funeral service package worth hundreds of thousands of pesos, an amount only rich people can afford. Administrator Nieto said the free funeral hearse service for the people of Cainta is their way of providing assistance to the needy people of the town. The horse carriage interment service in Cainta, started on Monday, July 4, with a resident availing of the service for a departed relative.

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