The Taguig City government preemptively evacuated 180 families due to continuous heavy rains enhanced by typhoons “Falcon” and “Egay.”   The evacuation was implemented in high risk areas that are prone to landslides and flooding to ensure the residents’ safety.  ![Taguig_July302023B.jpg]( ![Taguig_July302023D.jpg]( ![Taguig_July302023C.jpg]( ###### Mayor Lani Cayetano visiting evacuation centers (Photos from the Taguig City government)
![Taguig_July302023A.jpg]( ###### Mayor Lani Cayetano at the landslide area along C5 Road in Taguig (Photos from the Taguig City government)
On July 30, Mayor Lani Cayetano visited the evacuation centers where the families are temporarily taking shelter.  These are the Eusebio Elementary School, Taguig Integrated School, Hagonoy Gym, Napindan Integrated School, Diosdado Macapagal High School, Tenement Elementary School, and Nabua covered court.  Cayetano also visited the landslide area on C5 Road in Barangay Western Bicutan to see the extent of the damage.  Last 28, heavy rains caused a landslide that resulted in a perimeter wall to collapse. No one was hurt from the landslide. A total of 23 families were evacuated and are staying at Nabua covered court.  Cayetano said there is a need to enhance the campaign and programs about disaster preparedness and risk reduction.  She will convene a meeting to assess flooding and landslides, and check the protocol in disaster response and plans for the city government to be more prepared for any event.

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