Vice President Sara Duterte on Sunday, May 14, penned a heartfelt message for Mother’s Day, citing the “unconditional love” of mothers and the sacrifices they make to “sustain” the values of Filipino society. ![VPSD_IWD2.jpg]( ###### Vice President Sara Duterte (Photo from the Office of the Vice President) ###### In her message, the official underscored how this day is a “special moment and opportunity” to express one’s love and gratitude to mothers. “Everything that mothers do reminds us what it is to be selfless. They ask for so little and yet they give so much,” she wrote. Duterte emphasized the role of mothers in nation-building. “May this day serve as an affirmation of the great work that our mothers unfailingly commit to teaching our children to be good, be present when others need them, and, in doing so, sustain the values that make up the fiber of our Filipino society -- faith, optimism, resilience, resourcefulness, and generosity of spirit,” she said. “Mothers plant in our hearts the countless ways we can make this world a better place for others,” the official added. The Vice President stressed how mothers’ “sacrifices and unconditional love” molded Filipinos to who they are today and who they would be in the future. She also lauded those who took on roles of being mothers to children outside their homes. “We see these mothers outside of our homes — they provide support, care, and guidance to children in our communities,” Duterte said.

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