Nearly 44,000 policemen were promoted to the next rank while 606 highly skilled technical and line professionals joined as officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) officer corps.  PNP chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda, Jr. said the promotion of the 43,909 police commissioned officers and police non-commissioned officers is in recognition of their qualifications and performance. ![acor.jpg]( Acorda, on the other hand, led the  oath-taking, donning and pinning of rank insignia for the new officers of the PNP under the Lateral Entry Program CY 2022 for Line and Technical Officers. Among the appointees were 91 Technical Officers, and 515 Line Officers. Under the program, 29 lawyers, four priests, two pastors, and seven doctors were appointed to the initial rank of Police Captain, entitling them to a basic monthly salary of P56,582.00.  The remaining 564 newly appointed PNP officers, which include dentists, psychologist, architect, engineer, chemist, IT and line officers were appointed to the initial rank of Police Lieutenant, with a basic monthly salary of P49,528.00, along with allowances and various cash and non-cash benefits. The successful candidates of the Lateral Program have undergone a stringent selection process, demonstrating their commitment to excellence, professionalism, and the core values of the PNP. “As newly appointed police commissioned officers, you have already proven your capabilities in your respective fields, and now it is time to channel that expertise into the law enforcement arena. You will be entrusted to lead while upholding justice, protecting the innocent, and ensuring the safety and security of our nation,” said Acorda. “This is a sacred duty that requires integrity, courage, and compassion,” he added.

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