PAGSANJAN, Laguna – There is a new attraction in this town which local and foreign tourists can look forward to. ![PAGSANJAN.jpg]( ###### ###### THE Dubai-inspired Dhow Cruise introduces and set to sail initially on Sunday at the Bumbunan River corner of Balanak River in Barangay Poblacion in Pagsanjan, Laguna. (Photo via Danny Estacio) ###### It’s the Dubai-inspired Laguna Dhow Cruise, which takes you to an excellent journey to relax, unwind, and enjoy the stunning views of the Lumban-Pagsanjan Rivers. Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) head Gener Dimaranan said that 200 people can be accommodated in the boat as it navigates the Lumban-Pagsanjan Rivers. The Dhow Cruise’s inaugural sailing happened on Saturday, April 29, and its formal blessing is on Sunday, April 30, before it sets sail at Bumbunan River in Barangay Poblacion in this town. This is another venture of the Pagsanjan government that’s aiming to boost its tourism industry and establish itself as the Tourist Capital of Laguna, said Dimaranan. The Dhow Cruise provides a delightful way to explore the natural beauty of Laguna. The history, culture, and splendor of Pagsanjan become part of the visitors' cherished memories during their Dhow Cruise experience. It is not just a leisurely excursion; it is also an opportunity to expand the livelihoods of local entrepreneurs by creating jobs and businesses. Local tour guides and crew members will be the heart and soul of the Dhow Cruise, providing excellent service and sharing information about the places they traverse. All residents and tourists are encouraged to be a part of this special occasion and join Pagsanjan in welcoming a new era of tourism development. Through the Laguna Dhow Cruise, this town continues to establish itself as a premier destination for those seeking to witness the marvelous culture and natural beauty of Laguna.

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