Amid all the glowing remarks about President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s first 100 days in office, at least one congressman attempted to explain just how significant the milestone is not just for the Philippine leader, but for the country itself.

Kabayan Party-list Rep. Ron Salo (left) and President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

“Not many appreciate the importance of any administration’s first 100 days,” Kabayan Party-list Rep. Ron Salo said in a statement Saturday, Oct. 7. Incidentally, Marcos’s first 100 days as Chief Executive lapsed that day.

“It is at this time that an administration sets the trajectory of its governance agenda and lays down the groundwork to address pressing national issues; and President Marcos has done that,” said Salo, chairman of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs.

Marcos assumed the presidency on June 30, 2022. Less than two months prior, the former senator and Ilocos Norte governor won the Palace race in the national elections via historic majority mandate.

It’s safe to say then that it was of utmost importance for the Marcos administration to show Filipinos early on how it intended to tackle Covid-19 pandemic-ravaged economy and runaway prices of basic commodities.

“By uniting the leadership and appointing competent Cabinet secretaries, as well as gathering trillions in foreign investments, the President has set the momentum for the herculean task of fulfilling his campaign promises. Indeed, I am excited and optimistic of what is yet to come for this administration,” Salo added.

For the veteran solon, the Marcos administration “has just commenced our nation’s journey towards economic and health recovery, and there is so much work to be done”.

“We understand that there is a chip on the President’s shoulder, especially coming on the heels of the highly-commended administration of former President Duterte. Despite his unification efforts, there are a number of naysayers. I am confident though that, in due time, they will be proven wrong,” he said.

“I am very optimistic. With the proper systems put in place in the first 100 days, President Marcos will be able to deliver on his campaign promises,” he further said.

“And I, as member of Congress representing the Kabayan Party-list, shall continue to extend our unqualified support to the Marcos administration in improving the lives of our people through relevant policies and meaningful reforms,” Salo concluded.

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