The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) clarified on Friday night, Sept. 9, that the alleged kidnapping of a Chinese national by his compatriots was not the same incident that was caught on CCTV, the footage of which has gone viral.

‘NOT KIDNAPPING BUT ROBBERY’ — A 30-second CCTV footage shows a robbery attempt on an elevated expressway in Taguig City, according to the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), and not an attempted kidnapping of a Chinese man in ParaƱaque City as they previously reported. (Screenshot from sourced CCTV video / MANILA BULLETIN)

Police Lt. Col. Dexter Versola, NCRPO spokesperson, said the incident caught in a now-viral CCTV footage happened in Taguig City, and not in Paranaque City. This was contrary to what he previously stated.

In a phone interview, Versola said that the video did not show the attempted kidnapping of a 28-year-old Chinese man in Paranaque City on August 21 but a robbery case in Taguig City.

“Hindi ‘yon kidnapping according sa imbestigador but robbery, ‘yung sa Taguig, sa Skyway pala ‘yon. Ibang kaso ‘yon (It was not actually a kidnapping case but a robbery incident in Taguig City Skyway, according to the investigator. It was a different case),” he said, without elaborating any further.

The Manila Bulletin tried to get the verified police report for the Taguig City incident, but Versola declined.

The 30-second video showed a car blocking the path of a van on a portion of what looked like a flyover. Gunmen in black appeared to be accosting the occupants of the blocked van, and looked like they were trying to retrieve something from the van.

A separate police report initially sent by Versola said there was a kidnapping attempt involving a 28-year-old Chinese man in front of the Pearl Plaza Building in Brgy. Tambo, ParaƱaque City last Aug. 21.

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