Are you sick and tired of receiving those annoying spam messages on your mobile devices?

A spam message

Tarlac 2nd district Rep. Christian Tell Yap sure is, which is why he filed in the current 19th Congress House Bill (HB) No. 270, or the proposed “No Call, No Text, and No E-mail Registration System Act”.

“The ‘No Call, No Text and No E-mail Registration System Act’ is protective measure on all mobile phone subscribers and e-mail users from unwanted calls, text messages, and e-mails,” Yap said in his bill’s explanatory note.

“It prohibits and penalizes unsolicited commercial or promotional advertisements without the prior consent of the receiver, promoting fair, responsible and less intrusive marketing practices,” he said.

In filing the measure, the Tarlac lawmaker noted how Filipinos have seen an alarming increase in suspicious texts, calls, and emails from unknown persons for the past two years. Such communication reportedly aim to exploit and prey upon unwitting mobile phone and e-mail users.

“Often, these spam messages are utilized by scammers to defraud mobile subscribers or e-mail users by offering jobs, prizes or discounts. According to a recent Global Consumer Pulse study, 44 percent of Philippine-based consumers have been targeted by digital fraud in the first three months of 2021 alone,” Yap said.
Tarlac 2nd district Rep. Christian Tell Yap

The explanatory note said the measure aims to establish a No Call, No Text and No E-mail Registries through the National Privacy Commission (NPC), which will serve as listing for subscribers who do not want to receive any similar communication.

“The proposal entails the creation of a database called ‘No Call, No Text, and No E-mail Registers’ in which users can register their numbers to be exempt from receiving any spam messages,” Yap explained.

Section 6 of the proposed statute says that a subscriber may manage and limit the outbound and unsolicited call, text, and e-mail messages that may be received by registering a telephone number in the No Call and No Text Registers or an e-mail address in the No Email Register upon presentation of a government identification and proof of exclusive ownership over a particular telephone number or email address, and upon payment of a fee as determined by the privacy commission.

“Provided, that the registration of a mobile numbers of a subscriber or email address of a user below 18 years old of age may be done by his parent or legal guardian. Such registration shall be valid for a period of one year, subject to renewal,” read the provision.

“[The bill] seeks to protect mobile phone subscribers and e-mail users from unwanted calls, text messages, and e-mails that intrude, disrupt, and disturb their activities. Further, the measure aims to promote the adoption of more responsible and accountable business practices from marketing and sales agents,” added the explanatory note.

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