The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has employed alternative sources of livelihood to communities in Guimaras in a bid to help them from relying so much from the seasonal harvest of crops.

On Friday, Aug. 26, at least 33 marginalized fisher folks in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras benefited from the Enhancement of the Fish Farming Project, according to DOLE Region 6 director Sixto “Popoy” T. Rodriguez, Jr.

photo: DOLE

He said they also distributed 16 new units of motor engines with accessories and fishing nets to the group of fisher folks in Barangay Pandaranon.

“The trappings distributed to the fisher folks amounted to P659,425 helps the community bolster their livelihoods,” said Rodriguez, adding the project aims to inspire locals from far-flung communities to improve their lives.

“With their bancas sporting new motor engines and additional fishing accessories, fisher folks from Brgy. Pandaraonan are now sailing out at sea farther, more confident and more equipped,” said Rodriguez.

photo: DOLE

Rodriguez said, Brgy. Pandaraonon situated in the southern part of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras has a lot more to offer with its bountiful resources and diversified environment aside from their famous mango farming as a primary source of income.

The DOLE-R6 introduces alternative income to the community in the form of copra production and fish farming that will give a higher chance of livelihood to locals if properly enhanced.

“The facilities of the fisher folks should be enhanced to complement their skills and capabilities,” said Rodriguez, noting the area is blessed with abundant natural resources and should be empowered to use it responsibly.

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