Senator Grace Poe on Thursday, June 23 criticized the delays in the printing and delivery of the National ID designed to provide Filipino people a valid proof of identity in one card.

Poe said the long wait of six months to over a year to get the ID is “unjustifiable.”

She emphasized that the National ID could have been the trusted card used for the speedy distribution of cash aid, fuel vouchers, health benefits and other basic services that Filipinos desperately need to help tide them over the challenging times.

The streamlined information in one card would have made public and private transactions less cumbersome and trying, she pointed out.

“As it continues to encourage the public to sign up, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) must ensure the veracity and accuracy of the data in the card and open avenues for modifications if needed,” she said.

“With more than half of the population registered, the Filipinos have given the program a chance. It’s high time that the government does its share by delivering the National ID to our citizens without further delay,” she added.

Netizens had asked Senator Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson, author and principal sponsor of the National ID law, what is causing the delay in the delivery of their National ID cards, after he posted on Twitter that he finally received his card last Friday, Jan. 28.

“As the implementing agency of the PhilSys Act, the PSA should address these issues as soon as possible. It should expedite the printing and delivery of the National ID cards. It must also renew and intensify its information drive on how Filipinos can apply for them,” Lacson said

He added that while in his case, the birthdate on his card appeared inaccurate, he remains hopeful the National ID system overall will mean better access to social services and protection from crime and corruption.

“Being an author and the principal sponsor of the Philsys Act, I hope it will help immensely improve social services, our government’s fight against crime and corruption and most importantly, public service in general,” Lacson said on his Twitter account.

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