An elephant in India killed a woman and later returned to her funeral to trample on her corpse.


In a report from Times of India, Maya Murmu, 68, was fetching water in Mayurbhanj district’s Raipal village in Odisha when a herd of elephants suddenly appeared and attacked her.

Murmu tried to run but the one of the elephants chased her and trampled on her.

Villagers brought Murmu to the hospital but she died from her injuries.

When the family members gathered for the funeral to perform the cremation ceremony, a herd of elephants appeared again and sent the mourners away.

Murmu’s body was left behind and was trampled on again by one of the elephants.

The herd also wrecked the rest of the village.

“We were terrified after witnessing the elephant herd on Thursday evening. We have never had such a ferocious elephant bunch earlier,” one of the villagers told the Times.