SHANGHAI — More supermarkets in Shanghai, which was hit hard by COVID-19, have begun resuming operations as the city has seen a decline in daily numbers of new infections.

As of Thursday, 1,193 outlets of 12 major supermarket chains in Shanghai have resumed work. Among them, 220 stores have restored offline business, said Gu Jun, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.

Some supermarkets now allow residents living in the lower-risk “prevention areas” to shop, while those living in higher-risk “closed management areas” and “restrictive control areas” can order goods online and arrange delivery, Gu said.

The metropolis will facilitate the orderly resumption of business at commercial enterprises, including supermarkets, on the condition that COVID-19 prevention and control work is carried out well, according to the latest notice issued by the city.

Shanghai reported 245 confirmed locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 4,024 local asymptomatic cases on Thursday.