Israel said Friday that it has decided to evacuate Israeli diplomats and embassy employees from Kyiv amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Israel has issued a travel warning and Israeli visitors to Ukraine are advised to leave the country.

The ministry also recommended Israelis who are considering traveling to Ukraine to postpone their plans for the time being.

“In the wake of the worsening situation in Ukraine, Israeli nationals who are currently in Ukraine are advised to reconsider their stay in the country,” the statement read, urging Israelis “to avoid approaching flashpoint areas in any case.”

Following the issue of the travel warning, the ministry said it has “decided to evacuate the families of Israeli diplomats and employees at the embassy.”

Earlier on Friday, United States President Joe Biden reiterated his call for U.S. citizens in Ukraine to leave the country immediately, citing increased threats of military action.