Belgium will remove certain measures on masks, and restrictions on indoor and outdoor activities and the hospitality sector, after a decision by the Consultative Committee to move the country to ‘code orange’ on the COVID-19 scale.

“We are witnessing a real drop in the circulation of the virus, the number of new hospitalizations also shows a downward trend, the number of beds in intensive care seems to be stabilizing after a period of slight increase,” said a statement from the committee on Friday.

A Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is still required to access certain public venues, although the Belgian Parliament will monitor the epidemiological situation to decide whether a CST is required in the future.

Except for indoor concerts which can reach a maximum of 70 percent capacity, public and private events will be limited to 200 people.

However, “for indoor events, if there is very good ventilation, the rooms can be used at 100 percent of their capacity”, added the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

Bars and restaurants will be able to stay open past midnight, and the current limit of four people per table will be removed

Outdoor sporting venues such as football stadiums will reopen to the public, and weddings and funerals will no longer be required to limit the number of people present.

The current obligation for shoppers to be limited to two people per group, and the requirement for children under 12 to wear masks will be lifted on Feb. 19.

Working from home will be only recommended, but no longer compulsory from Feb. 18.

During the week of Feb. 1-7, there was a 44 percent decrease in the number of infections, with 23,239 new cases recorded on average per day, according to figures published Friday by the Sciensano Public Health Institute.