Presidential spokesman Harry Roque is planning to get his doctor’s advice before deciding to get inoculated with coronavirus vaccines.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (OPS / MANILA BULLETIN)

Amid reports of the vaccination of some government officials and military personnel, Roque has preferred to get medical advice given his health condition.

“I will wait po for my doctor’s advice because I have diabetes and I have a heart condition,” he said during a televised briefing Tuesday when asked if he has received a vaccine shot.

Roque earlier defended the vaccination of the President’s close-in security team, saying no government funds were spent for the medicines. He claimed the vaccines were donated, without giving details about the identity of the donor.

“It was not paid for. So it is a donation, but that’s all that I know,” he said.

Roque also considered the COVID vaccines given to the PSG as mere tokens with small value, adding no violation of the anti-graft law was committed.

PSG commander Brig. Gen. Jesus Durante III earlier confirmed that several PSG members providing close-in security to the President received doses of the COVID vaccine. The vaccination, which started last September, was an independent move by the PSG in line with its mission to protect the President from the illness, according to Durante.

Durante said the vaccination was a “courageous step” of taking the vaccines to ensure they are not threat to the President’s health and safety. He noted that they did not ask permission from the President and informed him after the vaccination of the PSG personnel.

President Duterte has yet to receive any coronavirus vaccine and wants to wait for the “perfect” vaccine, Durante said.

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