President Duterte may beat up some people but never shoots them like the deranged cop involved in the Tarlac murders.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte talks to the people after holding a meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) core members at the Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center in Matina, Davao City on December 21, 2020.

The President made the candid admission during a televised address Monday night after denouncing the policeman who recently killed two civilians in Paniqui town of Tarlac.  Duterte said the cop involved in the brutal killing of a mother and son was “crazy” and should remain in detention while facing charges.
“Alam mo bihira kang makakitang ganito and you can only find this in people who are crazy. May topak sa ulo (You know you hardly see this and you can only find this in people who are crazy. He has a mental disorder),” Duterte said about the killer cop.
“Ako, nangbubugbog ako kasi may kasalanan ka pero hindi ako nagbabaril ng tao (I beat up people because they have sinned but I don’t shoot people),” he said.
Duterte, a former mayor of Davao City, explained that he “take things personally” when a wife complains to him about his drunk or abusive husband.
“Ayan karamihan diyan mga asawa, mag-uwi sa bahay lasing tapos kung hindi birahin ‘yung asawa, ‘yung mga anak. You know I take things personally maski na Presidente na ako. ‘Pag may mag — may magsumbong sa akin na ang asawa, ang anak na binubugbog sila lalo na hindi na nag — hindi pa nage-entrego ng suweldo, ah dito ka sa akin. Mamili ka (Many of them are couples. One comes home drunk. If he does not beat his wife, he will hit the kids. You know I take things personally even if I am the President. If any spouse or child complains to him about getting beaten especially if one does not hand over the salary, better come to me and choose),” he said.
Duterte bewailed the killing of the mother and son by the policeman, saying it was “just one of the bad breaks” in a person’s life.
The tough-talking leader refused to portray a hero but dropped hints about doing something against the cop.
“May topak talaga ang g*****, p***** i** niya. Kaya ako kung nandiyan ako, ewan ko. Hindi ako magpa-hero ha. I am not trying to be — pass myself as a hero. Pero ‘pag nandiyan ako, hindi ko talaga kaya (That fool, son of a b*tch is crazy. If I was there, I don’t know. I am not trying to pass myself as a hero but if I was there, I cannot take it),” he added. 
Police Senior Master Sgt. Jonel Nuezca shot dead 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio and her 25-year-old son Frank Anthony over a heated argument about an improvised cannon last Sunday. The video of the fatal shooting went viral on social media and triggered outrage against police brutality.
The cop, who surrendered to authorities after the incident, faces charges of double murder.  MalacaƱang has condemned the Tarlac incident and promised to bring justice for the victims.

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